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11 Of The Internet's Hottest Twerkers

A young woman twerking in the street appears to have brought on a head-on crash between two drivers, distracted by her dancing moves. Twerking like many cultural traditions or expressive dances linked with marginalized groups has become stigmatized in racialized and gendered approaches that frequently associates these who execute the dance—primarily girls and females of color—with deviant behavior.

Miley cannot dance to save her stupid bun and many many other folks out twerk her by far. The disrespect from the girls is infuriating, and the passivity of the officer is head-scratching—but only for a moment.

Advanced tactics consist of picking twerk-beats and playback speed of music (use a computer) for harmony, and synchronizing a team by size, muscle tone, and pant elasticity. It sees the star twerking and wearing a sweatshirt that parodies the logo of UK discount sports store Sports Direct , instead reading ‘Haters Direct'.

Note: As a general rule of thumb, the much more booty you have, the greater your twerk be. So don't skip squat day at the fitness center, boys and girls. In this episode, Tina appears to be negative at twerking but in genuine life, Jenna is good at twerking.

Now, there is a lot of speak on YouTube and Twitter as to whether this is truly genuine or not (her roommate's timing seemed a small too best), but either way we hope the only damage triggered was the broken coffee table.
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